Sunday, January 27, 2008

Great New Product: Chey's Poseball Switch

We're excited here at Flights of Fancy to announce the release of Chey's Poseball Switch!

Imagine-- one-touch show/hide convenience for all your poseballs. You simply touch the switch and your poseballs on channels 0-10 show. Touch again and they hide. On and off at ranges up to 96 meters. And the ball changes color and level of illumination as it switches (green for on, red for off, full bright when on).

The switch is low-lag, since it doesn't listen to Chat, and only one prim. Twice a day it will automatically turn off the poseballs you have left out (IM Cheyenne Palisades if you would like to disable this feature).

Available in three models: Whisper (0-10 meters), Say (0-20 meters) and Shout (0-96 meters), and in Fat Packs!

If you have more than a couple of poseballs, this switch will make your second life easier. We promise.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Product: Bouncy Place

What playground is complete without a bouncy place?

Here we have Chey's low-prim, low-lag, inexpensive bouncy castle. At 16 prims and $155 (MOD/TRANSFER) with an iris door that opens and closes on touch, it's a bargain. You'll feel like a little kid again, which is priceless!

Just open the door, climb in, and bounce away!

And next time you see children bouncing at the playground at McDonalds, you'll have a secret little smile :)

New Product: Teeter-Totters

Our teeter-totter comes in playground red and playground green

Two custom poses!

Dragon-sized! See tiny Chey on the far end!

We're happy to introduce a new build to our small but fun line of toys * It's an object for your playground or park, Chey's Teeter-Totter.

Low lag and low prim, this see-saw weighs in at 7 prims. It's MOD/COPY, with custom poses, and it comes in playground red and playground green.

We're also introducing a dragon-sized model, made with Isle of Wyrms adult dragon avatars in mind. It's BIG!

Priced at just $105 (regular) and $295 (dragon size), these teeter-totters are bound to be steady sellers. Get yours today!

Wheee! Way fun!


* Our toy line includes a merry-go-round, animal rides, the Well of Death, and an avatar barbecue.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Product: Chey's SmartFrames

We’re happy to announce the introduction of Chey’s SmartFrames, the intelligent picture frame for your Second Life.

SmartFrames come in a variety of styles and colors, and portrait and landscape configurations. At only three primitives each, they won’t primrupt you, either. They’re modifiable, so you can make them as large as you want (up to about 30’!), and transferrable, so you can stuff them with your favorite photographs or paintings and give them to your sweetheart or friends.

But best of all, they’re SMART! And low lag!

You can drop in a notecard about the images you’ll be displaying, and your visitors will get it when they touch the nametag. Touching the frame will switch it between two different styles.

Best of all, touching the image area calls up a blue menu which will let you immediately select the images you have placed inside the SmartFrame, and you can set the frame to automatically select a new images every day, 3 days, or 7 days. In this way, your paintings won’t be static and boring. Your guests will see new images every time they drop by!

You can put AS MANY IMAGES as you like in your SmartFrame. Two, four, one hundred—snapshots, fine art, textures. Just edit the frame and drop your images inside.

Check out Chey’s SmartFrame at Flights of Fancy,

Need images for your SmartFrame? You’ll find two (and soon more) available for free at Flights of Fancy, and we have released the first in a series of ArtShows, which feature assortments of printings. Check our vendors or look at OnRez, or Second Life Exchange for four ArtShows by French impressionist Gustavo Caillebotte. ArtShows featuring the work of painters Mary Cassatt, Claude Monet, Paul Gaugin, and others are in the works.

Priced right, just $195 for the smartframe, $265 for the artshows, and $395 for the combo, an ArtShow in a frame. Fat packs are on the way.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two New Products

We're happy to introduce some small and inexpensive items at FOF: Four buckets of water (galvanized and in steel, old wood, and copper). They're scripted, and will show and hide the water on command. Only $75L each!

We also have a sprinkler alarm for $95. It rings on touch. Sounds like the bell at your high school!

Just a couple of small items to make you smile.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Flights of Fancy Group

We sent out initial invitation to the Flights of Fancy group. Thank you, all of you who joined!

To express our appreciation, you will be getting a little present or two this weekend. :)

Chey's Old Crates

We're happy to announce the release of a series of vintage fruit and vegetable crates.

Featuring actual artwork from the 1920s and 1930s (and a few from the 1940s because they were cool), each set contains eleven crates stacked on a pallet. The crates are not linked, which means you can drag them around wherever you like and even use them for seats. Some stacks are all fruit, some all vegetables, and some mixed.

They're modifiable and transferrable, and most stylish, and only $195 per set of 11 crates on a pallet. A fat pack of all eight sets is only $10.95. And as always, members of the Flights of Fancy group get 15% off from the FoF vendors.!

For $295 we have another pallet; this one has 1920s art and-- oh! What's this? It seems someone has been bootlegging liquor! Well, it IS the roaring 20s, after all! This crate has its top slid back to reveal magnums of Dom Perignon champagne, vintage 1916. One bottle has been taken from the crate and sits on the lid alongside half an orange with a knfie stuck into it.

This crate is available by itself for $165. And everything is mod and transfer.

All are available on our vendors, on OnRez, and on SL Exchange.

And you'll find some freebies-- a pallet, a simple crate, and an empty wooden bin, adswell as a 1996 vintage magnum bottle of Dom. The 1916, I'm afraid is $10, because, well, it's vintage!

These items are proving popular. Get yours today and spice up your property!