Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Debut of the Kaboom Teleport Rocket

Written 23 February, 2011

The Debut of the Kaboom Teleport Rocket

I'm pleased to announce the launch (hehe, literally) of my Kaboom Rocket V2. It's a little sixteen prim wonder that will fire you or your friends hundreds of meters into space. Then, after the motors shut down and you're peacefully following your trajectory the rocket explodes. When the smoke clears you find yourself at a new place( pre-determined by you the owner).

To use, the owner sets out the 4-prim stand and touches and holds it for about three seconds, rezzing a rocket. The owner then sets the coordinates of the destination in the rocket's description field. That's where the rocket will teleport its riders. The destination can be anywhere in the sim, all the way up to 4096 meters.

When an avatar sits on the rocket it will count down and blast off in a cloud of blue flame and smoke and thunder. In a few seconds a new rocket will rez, retaining the destination coordinates.

The Kaboom Rocket  is cute and stylish and provides spectacular views during its flight. I never tire of pointing my camera down and watching the ground drop away. It makes me feel like an astronaut! It's so very NASA!

Kaboom Teleport Rocket Features

* 16 Prims (Plus 4 or 5 for launcher)

* Copyable

* Modifiable Prims

* Cute appearance

* Realistic sound, fire and smoke

* Realistic trajectory

* Teleports rider to any location in the sim

* Rocket dies after flight; rezzer creates new rocket

* Owner's manual provided

Buy the Kaboom Teleport Rocket on the SL Marketplace or ride it and buy it at a discount at Whimsy Kaboom.