Sunday, December 30, 2007

Flights of Fancy Now in Chataqua Estates

We're happy to announce that Flights of Fancy has a location in the brand-new sim Chataqua Estate. You may need to walk to the end of the street to get there, as a direct teleport doesn't seem to be possible.

Chataqua Estate is a themed sim, with the time period the Roaring 20s. Chey dressed herself up as a flapper in keeping with the theme.

You can find Chey's fine jewelry and other products at both stores.

Chataqua Estate's grand opening is 1-6 January, so please stop by. You'll find many wonderful merchants and fun builds.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Freebies

Holiday Freebies

In addition to the great Pele Freebies, you can pick up a wonderful sculpted full perm Santa Hat and free Christmas pajamas.

You'll find them at the entrance to the store.

Plywood Man

Plywood Man

We're happy to announce Peter Stindberg's tribute to the prim, his Plywood Man avatar, is available at Flights of Fancy.

The avatar is great, and the price is good, at only $350L. The vendor is on the bottom floor.

Getting Around at Flights of Fancy

Getting Around at Flights of Fancy

We have installed easy, reliable teleporters between the floors of the store and between the store and the gardens below.

You can click on the arrow or the spinning globe below it to TP to the first floor, and there's a globe inset in the floor to whisk you back to the top floor. You need only left click.

There are bucket chairs on both floors that will jump you to the gardens blow, and two chairs inthe gardens to take up back up. You can also touch the big Flights of Fancy sign by the little stream and pond.

OnRez and SL Exchange

On Rez and SL Exchange

We're happy to announce that much of our merchandise is for sale on the websites OnRez and SL Exchange.

You can now browse our products while you're offline-- and of course you can always go to the Flights of Fancy Store (SLURL to shop in world.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New! Christmas Stockings to Stuff!

We’re happy to announce that FoF now has beautiful Christmas stockings made by GM Nikolaidis!

The stockings come in five gorgeous designs and just BEG to be hung beside your chimney with care!

And these stockings can be stuffed!

That’s right, your friends and sweetheart can put as many transferrable items as they want into your stocking. The items will be there waiting for retrieval on Christmas morning—or earlier, if, like Cheyenne and Exuberance, you’re impatient.

These stockings are a bargain at $100L. Pick one up for yourself, and get stockings for your sweetie and friends (yes, they’re transferrable!) And remember—the faster you get your stocking up, the more time there will be for stuffing it!

For $100 more, GM will add a custom name to your beautiful stocking! Just IM him.

New Item! Fish Mosaic

Here we have a nice one-prim mosaic you can place on your deck or floor. Resizeable, so you can fit it to any area. You can change the transparency level to make it look new or faded.


FoFStore Policies

Store Policies

* Play nice on the property

* All sales are final-- but we're reasonable

* Transfer items will be replaced only if defective

* Copy items will be replaced, within reason

* Be sure to make copies before you adjust

* We are happy to hear your feedback and ideas

IM Cheyenne Palisades with any issues


All of Cheyenne’s jewelry is Copy/Mod. This means you can make as many copies as you like (one for each outfit with which to wear it, if you want), and it’s modifiable so you can alter it to fit your avi’s shape. The only thing you can’t do is to give it away—but if you want to give the jewelry as a present, you can do that through the vendor!

We urge you to make any alterations on copies of your originals. That way, if you mess up, you can return to the master copy. We are NOT responsible if you mess up the original—but if you do, IM us. We’ll replace it, unless you become a habitual offender. If that happens, it will be in the hands of the Fashion Police.

Fine Jewelry from Cheyenne Palisades

My signature line of jewelry is modeled after the Navajo-made silver-and-turquoise bracelets, necklaces, and belts of the American Southwest. I love that stuff, and was simply unable to find it in Second Life.

What I did find was photos-pasted-on-a-prim or thin filigree with miniscule stones. I wanted jewelry with substance, made of prims, and so I created some to wear on my own avi.

It was such a hit I made it with other stones, and with other metals.

The line now includes a belt, two types of earrings, two types of bracelets, and three necklaces, all in abalone, amethyst, carnelian, citrine, jade, lapis lazuli, malachite, onyx, and turquoise, and in silver, gold, and bronze. I’ve been stuffing pieces into vendors as fast as I can, and I’m now making fat packs for each variation.

When I catch a breath, I plan to make headpieces, armbands, navel rings, and other pieces, all in the same range of metals and stones.

IM me if you would like pieces in a stone or metal you don’t see. I’ll be happy to oblige.

About the Flights of Fancy Building

The FoF store building was created by Cheyenne Palisades and Exuberance Lafleur. It was Cheyenne’s first large structure size, and Exuberance’s second.

Chey started the build by making the walls and floors, using a technique of rotation she learned at the Ivory House of Prim. She cut the windows and made the inset areas, then duplicated the structure to form a second floor. When she cut a hole in the top floor, Exuberance made the beautiful glass circular rail in the center of the building.

Exuberance added the steampunk pipes and canopy, connecting them with a full perm flywheel Cheyenne had stashed away in her inventory. Cheyenne added smoke and pink particles and big propellers, and then set the props and flywheels in motion, and a store was born.

The pink marble of the floor is Organic 138, which Cheyenne made seamless with the Texture Maker program ( The stucco is a (very nice) free texture (or maybe Cheyenne bought it in one of her shopping manias). The glass in the windows is another free organic texture.

At Exuberance’s suggestion, Cheyenne added a texture rotation program to the inside of the 10 meter sphere at the top of the store and put in an assortment of panoramic pictures. Visitors can Sit on the Scenic Overlook ball on the bottom floor to be instantly transported to the middle of the sphere. Textures change every 40 seconds, or upon touch. Rotation is random, with repeats.

After an Exuberance-suggested resizing of the walls, the insets proved to be the perfect size to hold four-panel hippoTech vendors. Most of FoF’s wares are in the vendors, but a few, like Cheyenne’s Leaky Water Tower, are sold from signs.
With vendors in place, it was just a question of d├ęcor and amenities. Chey made signs, and Chey and Exuberance’s Second Life brother and friend Peter Stindberg gave them his long-distance teleport script, which provides instant jumps between floors and between the store and the gardens below. Peter’s teleporter will soon be for sale at FoF!

And there you have it—the making of a one-of-a-kind, free-flying store with room enough to hold a wide variety of top-quality merchandise.

FoF may not remain unique, however. Anyone can have their own FoF, to use for any purpose they want. Permissions are Copy/Mod. The FoF building is for sale for $1295L, just as you see it. Until it appears in the vendors, you can IM Cheyenne Palisades.

(Included: Building, pipes, propellers, smoke, panoramic view. Not included: Signage, vendors, furniture. Cheyenne will be happy to set up Peter’s teleporters for you when your building is in place; just IM her).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Announcing Flights of Fancy Creations

We’re happy to announce the opening of Flights of Fancy, your one-shop stop for fine jewelry and art, garden structures, avatars and skins, gadgets, toys, sounds, and poses.

Located at a height of 300 meters in the low-lag Phyllira sim, FoF features the creations of Cheyenne Palisades and her friends. You’ll find a wide variety of merchandise at reasonable prices. Many items are unique, not otherwise available in Second Life, and we will be adding merchandise weekly.

Along with my good friend Xubi, I've workd hard to make FoF beautiful and convenient for shoppers. So come down and enjoy yourself. You’ll find a lounge area in the store and a scenic overlook ball which will position you in the globe high overhead, where you will be treated to a variety of beautiful and striking panoramic views. Below, you’ll find a peaceful garden with a water feature, cuddles and seats, trivia and other games, a wide-screen TV, fun toys, and a display of fine art.

You’ll find both the garden and the FoF store to be visual treats.

Be sure to join the Flights of Fancy Creations group; if you do, you’ll get a 15% discount when making purchases from the store’s vendors, notices of special sales and merchandise, and free gifts. Just go in Search to groups and type in Flights of Fancy Creations.

This blog exists as an outreach tool to promote FoF. Consider visiting Cheyenne’s personal blog also, and visit her home, beautiful Whimsy, home of the volcano goddess.


Photos: The store