Friday, May 30, 2008

New Product: Chey's Asian Fireplace

THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER SOLD. Visit the Flights of Fancy Store for a free copy.

I've been busy building and getting our new Sims, Whimsy and Whimsy Kaboom, shipshape.
But the fruits of a creative spree now fill the sim (and my inventory), and I'll be introducing a new product every day for oh, at least the next month.

Today's product is Chey's Asian Fireplace.

It's complete with roaring fire that can be controlled with voice. The fire lights with a satisfying Whoosh! and burns cheerily against the dragon backdrop.

Here's a great piece of furniture for you, available at Flights of Fancy on the Whimsy sim, and online at and

37 Prims, MODIFY / COPY

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Chey's Maypole

Chey's Maypole

Making Avatars Dizzy Since 2006

37 Prims, MODIFY/ COPY

Here's a great, low-lag scripted Maypole that can accommodate four riders on its ribbons. And it's beautiful, a handsome addition to your playground or garden.

Starts on touch and plays a nice tune. Touch again to stop music. Touch a third time to stop,  Maypole will time out after 180 seconds; just touch again to restart.

The base is a separate prim. Move it along with the maypole, or, if you wish, use the maypole without it; just lower the gear in the base below the ground.

Chey's great Maypole is available on the Second Life Marketplace (Click here). and in world at the Flights of Fancy store.

Visit our beautiful (and dangerous) Whimsy sims. You won't be disappointed! Check Cheyenne Palisades' picks for locations.