Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New! Scripted Compass and Altimeter

I've just released this scripted altimeter. It registers, in both analog and digital format, altitude to 10,000 meters. It updates several times a second, so remains accurate without overworking the simulator.

It's designed to be worn n the upper left HUD position, but can be attached elsewhere on the HUD or rezzed on the land. It can even be attached to your airplane or other vehicle! It's copyable and modifiable, and has a land impact of only four.

When you're underwater the face of the altimeter turns aqua. It's very cool to see it turn from white to blue to white again as you dip in and out of the water.

Above 4096 meters (the maximum height for building), the face turns yellow. If you go below zero meters (yes, it's possible!), the face turns red. I have to say, it's very strange below the surface. The lowest I've ever been is -340 meters.

Let me tell you-- it gets strange fast when you're below the grid!

Here's my scripted compass. When worn on the HUD the direction you are facing appears at the top. Here it's north, with west to your left, east to your right, and south behind you. It's intuitive--easy to use.

Like the altimeter, the compass is copyable and modifiable, and can be rezzed on the land or attached to a vehicle (land impact is 1).

Like the altimeter, the compass updates several times a second for smooth movement.

The price is just $149L.

The compass, priced at just $99L, is inexpensive and indispensable.

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