Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Low Price on Kaboom Teleport Rocket

If you've not tried my teleport rocket, you should. Riding it is a great experience! You sit, it counts down, and zoom! You're 700 meters above the ground and still climbing!

It's totally awesome to go into mouselook and watch the ground drop away. Positively NASA!

When the rocket loses intertia and begins to fall back to earth it explodes and the rider is teleported to anyplace in the sim the owner has chosen-- anywhere. Meanwhile, back at the launchpad, a new rocket materializes.

The owner can always set the return point a few meters away from the launch port and turn the rocket into just a fun ride.

I plan to build a larger multi-seat version which just might make the teleport rocket the only teleporter in Second Life that will move multiple people. Someone else might have built such a thing; I'm just sayin' I've never seen one.

I've lowered the price from $750 to a cool $395. It's that or pay Richard Branson a quarter-million dollars. You choose!

Check out my other Second Life Blog for a post soon to appear about a new use I discovered for the teleport rocket. You can adjust the tilt and fly across multiple sims! Fun! Dangerous! Dangerous fun!

You can see a visual display of the rocket at the Flights of Fancy Store or go to the Sea Decks on Whimsy Kaboom and ride it for real. I'll have to get down there as soon as this posts and reduce the price on the sales sign!

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