Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Price Lowered on 1920s Fruit Crates

I've lowered the price on this pallet of 1920s fruit and vegetable crates by 50%. They're on sale on the Second Life Marketplace for $150, and at Flights of Fancy Creations for $140. They're now modifiable and copyable, no transfer.

Until I update the sign I'm including a mod/transfer set also. That means you can make copies of the crates and yet give the transferrable ones away. How sweet is that?

What makes this set of crates special is its connection to organized crime. The top to one crate has been slid backwards, revealing a dozen bottles of bootleg champagne. An orange half, pierced with a knife, suggests someone was having a snackie-poo when, oh, I dunno, maybe the Feds busted in.

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