Thursday, June 13, 2013

Southwestern-Style Jewelry: Now Improved-- and Less Expensive!

My Southwestern-style jewelry has sold well for years, but frankly, it was a nightmare to sell.

With nine pieces, each available in nine stones in both gold and silver, there were several hundred items to manage on both the Second Life Marketplace and my vendors-- so when the Lindens announced they were going to kill the old-style magic boxes that held my items, I re-thought the line. Here's what's new:

That's right, the jewelry is now scripted. My customers can now select from any of nine beautiful stones via script. Each piece contains just one script, so lag is nearly immeasurable.

Prices are significantly lower, too. That means for less than the price of a single item, you get what were once nine products!

As with all my jewelry, it's copiable and modifiable.

The jewelry is stunning, as you can see from the topmost photo. Look below the fold for more pictures.

Don't forget there's a 25% discount for members of the Flights of Fancy group. There are handy signs at the store.

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